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Mortgage Calculator

Enter your purchase information in the calculator and we will provide you with a breakdown of your mortgage including an ammoritization schedule of your payments.

  • Down Payment - The payment you put toward the purchase.  Typically anywhere between 5-20%.  The more you pay the less your mortgage and the lower your payment
  • Interest Rate - the rate your mortgage is charged which affects your total payment
  • Mortgage Term -  the amount of years for your total mortgage before it's paid off.  Typically 15 years or 30 years
  • PMI - Mortgage insurance.  This is a % of your payment each month and is typically only charged if y our mortgage is greater than 80% of your property value
  • Taxes - total amount of your property taxes you pay per year
  • Insurance - Each property is required to have home owners insurance if you have a mortgage.  This is your cost per year
  • HOA - Home owners Association yearly cost.